Welcome to scientificanews.com

Welcome to scientificanews.com

Science and the human body includes discoveries that the body structures are arranged into systems, confirming the body is an amazing machine. With a wide variety of studies focused on the human body new research could explain the true effects stress and other factors disrupting the daily routine might have an effect on obesity. Discoveries include the effect sufficient sleep has on mental health and muscle growth. Plus the 80 – 20 rule is discussed and how to determine your percentage weight by looking into a mirror.

There are plenty of top new science discoveries, areas include lasers created to edit DNA. Human muscle grown and respond like native tissue that could be a new method used in creating new cells capable of growing human hair and other biology discoveries that include a human epigenome map that might have the ability to silence DNA.


New science discoveries include the 2 more planets by international astronomers plus new data suggesting 4 young stars are clustered in the Norma constellation. Advanced warning made possible by the DSCOVR satellite launched by SpaceX that can have an effect on satellites as well as power grids. A massive black hole discovered that are 12 billion times the size of the sun.

75th Science Talent Search for talent the prestigious research competition that is a national platform for bright new scientists announce the 40 finalist and we look at the prizes for winners and the 17 categories in which the finalists qualify. Follow up what influence the competition had on previous winners and the great discoveries that has been showcased to the public.

A massive number of new science books are published yearly and we take a look at the latest released, give a general insight to what the books are about, authors and give a great list of books that made it to the most popular list and are recommended.

Scientific news include the latest discoveries made by science in the dental field, news that puts Costa Rica in the spotlight for using 99% renewable sources of electricity and include the latest news from NASA, including the OSIRIS-Rex created by Canadian scientists. The Osiris mission planned for 2016 and red alerts released by Beijing officials warning of air pollution on the rise.

Science discoveries that are life changing include the Copernicum System, Isaac Newton’s many discoveries and include the effect Michael Faraday had in making life easier for everyone. Plus the discovery of antibiotics, DNA, X-ray and the Quantum theory.

Science facts that will blow your mind are what we offer and we take a look at awesome facts and popular science discoveries that are great to know and then continue with the weirdest facts discovered in science which include animals and the human body.

In alternative energy sources we look at new development by scientists, energy solutions and the quest to discover efficient, cost effective energy. Could sugar be the answer to odourless, cleaner and cheaper, pollutant –free driving or is solar wind the way scientists are moving towards. What are the options and how long will it take are also discussed in the unusual alternative energy article.